Andrew T. Biehl

About me

Cartoon rendering of me (Andrew).
Art by Joey Biehl

Hi, I’m Andrew. Welcome to my personal website! :)

I am an aspiring mathematician and former professional software developer who strives to leave everything a little better than how I found it!

On my blog, I intend to share my ideas, opinions, and experiences related to everything from building good software to the many mathematical rabbit holes I fall into. I’m a slow and careful writer, so please be patient if I haven’t posted anything recently. This blog partly serves as an outlet for me to better formulate and understand my ideas, but I also hope that you will find some of these concepts useful or thought-provoking too. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet!

Looking for my résumé? View it here.

Contact me

Thank you for reaching out!

My public email address is ‘hello’, concatenated with ‘@andrewtbiehl’, and finally ‘.email’.

You can also find me on GitHub or LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing from you!